Save time with GradeTransferer

Enjoy a FULL YEAR of included benefits:

  • transfer grades in seconds
  • eliminate typos
  • effortlessly scale grades
  • sort data into different classes
  • never fear late submissions again
  • get back your time
  • control your gradebook

Volume Plan

up to 20% discount

See Volume Discount Table Need a Quote?

# of teachers price / teacher
/ month
price / teacher
/ year
1-100 $3.33 $39.96 N/A
101-200 $3.23 $38.76 3%
201-500 $3.16 $37.96 5%
501-750 $3.10 $37.16 7%
751-1000 $3.03 $36.36 9%
1001-1500 $2.96 $35.56 11%
1501-2000 $2.89 $34.76 13%
2001-2500 $2.83 $33.96 15%
2501-3000 $2.76 $33.17 17%
3001+ $2.66 $31.96 20%

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Common Questions

Which platforms are supported?

Currently in the pipeline are EdPuzzle, Khan Academy, and NJCTL's gradebook

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cards, purchase orders, checks, and bank transfers (ACH & Wire). If paying by purchase order, please email to "" along with a copy of your tax exempt certificate (if applicable).
You can download our W9 here.

Our school/district is tax-exempt. How is that handled?

We partner with Avalara for tax compliance. This checkout system calculates applicable taxes on the next page. If taxes happen to be charged on a purchase by the system but you are tax-exempt, please email a copy of your tax-exempt certificate to and we will credit the taxes back to your account.

Alternatively, you can generate a quote without taxes, and once you email us your tax-exempt certificate we can reply back with an invoice that accepts any of our payment methods (card, check, PO, bank transfer).

What about student data and privacy?

We take data privacy and security extremely seriously. So much so, that we simply do not collect any student data. We are fully FERPA, COPPA, and SOPPA compliant. Student data always stays on the authenticated teacher's computer and is never sent to us through our apps, not even in encrypted form!

Here is our full Privacy Policy as well as our Terms of Service.

We have DPAs and contracts with hundreds of disticts. If you would feel more comfortable joining an already existing DPA though a 'General Offer of Privacy Terms' clause, or have your own DPA that you prefer, please email us at

How does access get assigned to teachers?

We currently offer two access management solutions included with volume purchases:

  • Custom portal — you copy and paste emails (on an entire email list) at your leisure into a field on our secure portal, which in turn assigns access to your teachers on the list.

  • Site-access — If you are purchasing for the entire district this makes more sense. Users with the district domain (@) automatically have access activated up to the number purchased as soon as they sign in to GradeTransferer.

With either solution the teachers do not have to do anything; everything is either handled from our end or by you entering their emails into the portal. This minimizes any emails you would otherwise receive regarding access issues when implementing new technology. Teachers simply log in using the ‘Google’ ‘Microsoft’ or ‘Email’ button in the app with their work email and the access provisioning is done automatically.

Can I reassign access if staffing changes occur?

Absolutely! You can add/remove/modify access for staff using our access management portal.

What is included?

Unlimited grade transferring, scaling, support, updates, fixes, as well as any new features and additional platform integrations published while you have an active subscription with us.